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Fandom: Supernatural
Song by Rhianna

"It's like the darkness in the light."
The Winchesters live in Disturbia and deal as best they can. (Premiered at Wincon 2008)

Be Kind to My Mistakes

Fandom: Torchwood
Song by Kate Bush

"It is this that brings us together."
My Sweet Charity vid, made for FAOS. Torchwood, season one. They're a team as much because of their mistakes as in spite of them.

Sick Cycle Carousel

Fandom: Star Wars
Song by Lifehouse

To break the cycle, sometimes you have to let go. My look at the Star Wars movies (VVC 2007 premiere vid)

Born to Be Wild

Fandom: Supernatural
Song by Steppenwolf

Vid I made for Club Vivid 2006. The Winchesters.

Because of You

Fandom: Supernatural
Song by Nickelback

"Now that you're bleeding, you stare at the ceiling and watch as it all fades away."
The Winchester men are who they are because of what the demon has done to them. This was going to be my premiere vid for 2006 Vividcon except that I missed the deadline due to health issues. So I present it here as my nonVVC premiere vid. Many thanks to Baluruni and Dualbunny for the betas.

Time After Time

Fandom: Doctor Who
Song by Cindi Lauper

"If you're lost, you can look and you will find me."
I started this vid back in August for the LKBV show at Vividcon. Took me a wee bit longer to finish it than I thought it would. This vid is about Rose, and the Rose/Doctor relationship.

Take to the Sky

Fandom: Buffy
Song by Tori Amos

"And here I stand, with this sword in my hand"
Season 7. Buffy Summers, Slayer. This is my auction vid for Vividcon 2005. FAOS, the auction winner, suggested both song and theme of the vid, which was one that was easy to run with. Many thanks also to Bonibaru and Luminosity for indispensable betaing.


Fandom: Doctor Who
Song by Kate Rusby and Kathryn Roberts

"What if I can cross a hundred borders? There's no going home."
I've had this song in mind for vidding since the first time I heard it; it took until seeing the new Doctor Who series to find the perfect fandom. Many thanks to Morgan Dawn who betaed this over the phone for me. This vid premiered at Vividcon 2005.

Woman Like a Man

Fandom: Buffy
Song by Damien Rice

"You wanna get burned? You wanna get turned? You wanna get fucked inside out?"
Faith. With much input and assistance from Magpie.

Desperation Song

Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Song by Carbon Leaf
Co-vidder: Magpie

Ensemble cast. Rings, swords and orbs. Premiered at Connexions 2005

There is a larger, better quality version of this vid available; email me if you want to see it.


Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Song by Tori Amos
Co-vidder: Magpie

Theoden and Eowyn
"I tell you I'll always want you near. You say things change, my dear."

There is a larger, better quality version of this vid available; email me if you want to see it.

Running Blind

Fandom: Angel
Song by Godsmack
A Wesley tribute vid, done for Winter of Wes.

"There is no perfect day for me, Illyria. There is no sunset or painting or finely-aged scotch that's going to sum up my life."

Wesley is running backwards.

Return to Oz

Fandom: Buffy
Song by Scissor Sisters
Co-vidder: Magpie
A non-shippy Giles vid, also starring Buffy and Willow. This is my first attempt at collaborative vid-making, and I think it a very successful one. As soon as Magpie heard this song, she was struck by its suitability for Giles' Sunnydale story. As we developed ideas, Buffy and Willow's tales as seen through the focus of Giles rose to prominence too. In a way, it is also a vid about Sunnydale itself, the 'Oz' in our narrative.

There is a larger, better quality version of this vid available; email me if you want to see it.

Going Under

Fandom: Angel
Song by Evanescence
Angel/Wes. Ah, the dreaded Evanescence vid. This is one of my personal favourites, taking a bit more angsty look at Angel/Wes than in I'll Be. I made extensive use of fades in this vid, more than I've done in any vid before or since. This is the recut version done in Sept 2004, when I finally had DVD source for all of the clips.
Closer to Fine

Fandom: Six Feet Under
Song by Indigo Girls
Look, a vid that has nothing to do with Joss Whedon! This was the vid I made for the premiere show at Vividcon 2004, and came about through my mainlining Indigo Girls at the same time I was having a Six Feet Under marathon of seasons 2 and 3.


Fandom: Angel
Song by Nickelback
My Wes/Angel tribute. This was supposed to be my Angel the Series tribute vid, but somewhere during the first section I realised that what I was really doing was an Angel/Wes tribute vid. Which would be my subconscious making it perfectly clear that I watched the show through a Wes/Angel filter as these are the clips that came to mind when I was doing a show tribute. I probably will be drawn back to make more vids with these characters and this pairiing, but this would be my definitive statement on it, I think. This is what I saw on the screen that made me fall in love with the characters individually and as a pairing. It also remains my favourite of all my vids.

Somebody Help Me

Fandom: Angel
Song by Full Blown Rose.
My tribute to Doyle. The first time I heard the full song the lyrics just screamed to me Doyle, and I just had to make this vid. This vid is probably the one that had the most mental structure to it that actually carried through to the finished product, but I'm not sure if anybody but me can see that. Still, I'm satisfied with how it turned out.
Measure of a Man

Fandoms Buffy and Angel
Song by Clay Aiken
This was the vid I made to premiere at Connexions 2004. I think of this vid as my proof of how slashy these shows are. I didn't get every pairing I've read/written in the vid, but I got a goodly number.
Harder to Breathe

Fandom: Firefly
Song by Maroon 5
My first vid outside of the Buffy and Angel verses. The blame for this can be laid at the door of the A&E commericials that I kept seeing using this song. It got into my brain and seemed to fit the characters of Firefly so.... This was the result.
Precious Illusions

Fandom: Angel
Song by Alanis Morrisette
My tribute to Cordelia Chase. I hope it captures all that I loved about Cordy.
Gotta Be

Fandoms: Buffy and Angel
Song by Des'ree
Before I started vidding I used to make icon song sets; Gotta Be was one of the songs I did this with. Which left me for the vid having a partial visual storyboard. I went into making this vid without any overall theme other than the lyrics of the song, but somehow I think it ended up conveying my love for both shows quite clearly.
I'll Be

Fandom: Angel
Song by Edwin McCain
Angel/Doyle and Angel/Wes. A vid that explores my two main Angel slash pairings and I hope shows how both relationships have affected and shaped Angel. This was also the vid where I discovered fades and began to explore what you could do with them.
Secure Yourself

Fandom: Buffy
Song by Indigo Girls
This song seemed a natural fit. (How could I resist a song with the lyrics "Now we all are Chosen Ones"?) This ended up being divided into four parts: The Lovers, The Martyrs, The Victims, The Survivors.
Small Town

Fandom: Buffy
Song by John Mellancamp
The first vid I ever made; I was still figuring out the basics of Premiere during this and I only had Chosen available to take clips from, but for a first effort, I don't think it's too bad.

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