Magpie's Vids

Beloved (remix)

X-Men. Magneto/ProfX
This is a remake of an older vid using better tech.


Hammer Horror (remix)

Gods and Monsters (James Whale biopic). Angst.
This is a remake of an older vid using better tech.


Desperation Song

LotR. Ensemble Cast.
Co-created with Wolfling


The Good Son

LotR. Faramir and his family. Dark and bitter.



LotR. Eowyn and Theoden. Angst.
Co-created with Wolfling.


Return to Oz

BtVS. Giles, Willow & Buffy.
Co-created with Wolfling.


Older Vids
(These were created with WMM2 and so are limited technically.)

Lost and Found
The Lost Boys. Slash, angst and brotherhood.

All Tomorrow's Parties
BtVS. Drusilla and her relationships



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Vids Currently Unavailable
(in case you're wondering where they've gone)

Lullaby for Boromir
On God's Golden Shore
Rupert the Bear


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