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Part 32


Connor concentrated on tending to the cooking and not thinking about what might be happening in the bathroom.

It wasn't that he begrudged his dad having a sex life; he just didn't want to know about it. Anything about it. What he was trying very hard not to imagine was already more than enough on the subject, thank you very much.

Beyond the wrongness of thinking about his father having sex, the whole thing was just... weird. As far as he knew, his dad hadn't had any... encounters since his mom, and even that was more of a world ending thing than a relationship thing. So the last thing Connor had expected was his dad bringing home a... what? Boyfriend? Lover? Friend with benefits? Guy who's half naked in the bathroom and who his dad likes to think about being all-the-way naked -- and there Connor was back to the wrongness again.

Okay, maybe he did begrudge his dad having a sex life. Or at least knowing that his dad was having a sex life. And he really needed to stop thinking about this.

Thankfully, when the bathroom door opened and his dad and the new guy came out they were both fully dressed and unrumpled.

"Food ready?" his dad asked, coming over and checking for himself.

"Yeah, pretty much," Connor replied, stepping back to let his dad get to the stove. The new guy -- Wes, his dad had said his name was -- had followed and was now hovering uncertainly at the edge of the kitchen. Connor stared while doing his best to seem like he wasn't staring.

Now that he wasn't distracted by entirely too much nakedness he was able to get a better idea of what Wes looked like. He was, Connor guessed, about ten years older than Connor himself, and was about a head taller than Connor. Wes had short dark hair and eyes that looked back at him just as avidly from behind glasses. His face was stubbled and there was a wicked looking scar on his throat. He was dressed in worn jeans and a too-big green sweater, the type of thing one would expect from someone from the Outside.

He looked, Connor thought, utterly ordinary. There wasn't anything about Wesley that seemed to stand out, anything that would explain why Connor's dad was wanting to do things with him that Connor was most definitely not thinking about. Not that he had any idea what sort of thing would attract his dad, but if he'd had to make a guess, Wes wouldn’t have been it.

His dad looked up from checking on the food and seemed to notice that there was staring and no conversation going on. "Oh, uh, I suppose that I should officially introduce... Wes, this is Connor, my son." As always, Connor could hear the pride in his dad's voice when he said that. It was kinda embarrassing, but still, he had to admit -- if only to himself -- that he liked it. "Connor, this is Wes, my... uh..."

"Naked guy in the bathroom?" Connor suggested when his dad faltered.

Wes blushed. "I apologise for our initial encounter," he said, speaking, as Connor had noticed during the earlier nearly naked meeting, with an accent like Ripper's or Ethan's. "That was hardly the way I had been hoping to meet you."

Connor could feel his dad's gaze on him, willing him to play nice. Not that he was contemplating not playing nice; on first -- or more truthfully second -- impression Wes seemed like an okay guy. Just one with really bad timing and dubious taste -- because really, being interested in Connor's dad? Connor so did not get that. But still... an okay guy.

"Don't mention it," he finally replied, shrugging off the apology. "I mean really. Don't mention it. I'm quite happy with pretending it never happened."

"Which was why it was the first thing you brought up," his dad pointed out.

Connor gave him a half shrug. "Never said I was any good at pretending." He turned back to Wes who was looking a little uncertain around the eyes. "Really, it's okay. You were taking a shower; hard to do that with your clothes on."

"That would have proven to be something of a problem, yes," Wes replied, seeming to relax a little now as he continued on in an absolutely deadpan voice. "Of course if I was trying to save time and do my laundry as well..."

Connor grinned. "Maybe you could start a whole new trend."

"Maybe. Of course there would be the whole dripping and trailing water wherever you go problem to overcome." Wes smiled back, a little shyly.

Connor's dad was practically beaming at the two of them. "Food's ready. You two go sit down and I'll dish it up." He didn't actually make shooing motions at them to move towards the table but he somehow managed to convey that impression anyway.

Rolling his eyes, Connor obeyed. He sat down and looked over at Wes who had taken the chair across the table from him and was glancing back at Connor's dad with a combination of amusement and some expression that Connor couldn't quite identify.

"Don't worry," Connor told him. "He can actually cook. Pretty good actually especially for someone on a liquid diet."

"I'm not worried," Wes replied, tearing his eyes away from Connor's dad to look at Connor instead. "I was just..." He trailed off and shook his head with a smile. "It's not important."

It suddenly dawned on Connor that the expression he hadn't recognised on Wes' face had been attraction. To his dad. Which okay, he knew, but he wasn't used to seeing it. This whole thing was going to take some getting used to.

"Here we go," his dad said overly cheerfully, putting plates down in front of Connor and Wes, then sat down between them with a mug of blood for himself.

"Thank you," Wes said politely and smiled at him; Connor's dad smiled back dorkily.

And they kept smiling at each other, long enough that Connor began to get uncomfortable. He waited for a count of ten then, as they were still smiling at each other, cleared his throat loudly.

Wes jumped a little while his dad just turned to look at him. "Try to remember that there's an impressionable kid in the room when you do things like that," Connor said.

His dad blinked slowly. "Smiling."


"Connor," his dad began in his pointing out the obvious voice, "I smile all the time."

"Not like that you don't. It's weirding me out."

"By my smiling," his dad said slowly, looking like he wondered if Connor had started speaking another language and hadn't informed him.

"I think," Wes spoke up, a blush staining his cheeks red, "that it's the smiling at me that's, uh, weirding him out."

Connor's dad frowned. "I can't smile at you anymore?"

"You are rather... intense about it," Wes replied. "I can understand how that could be... disturbing to an 'impressionable kid'."

"I just don't need to be reminded that you're probably wishing Wes was naked," Connor said bluntly. He glanced at Wes. "No offence."

"None taken."

Connor's dad rolled his eyes but gave in. "All right," he sighed. "I'll try to be less...."

"Dorky," Connor supplied helpfully.

That got him another look. "Intense."

"That's all I ask," Connor said, knowing that he really couldn't ask for more without being a selfish brat about it. But that didn't keep him from taking it just a little further. "Well that and a chance to drive your car...?"

"Don't push it," his dad warned.

Connor grinned and out of the corner of his eye saw Wes do the same. He also could see the open affection for his dad in Wes' eyes.

Okay, so his dad having a... Wes was weird and was going to take a lot of getting used to. But maybe it wasn't such a bad thing -- his dad having someone who cared for him like that.

He supposed he could live with it.


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