by Wolfling

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Part 31


Wes stared at what had to be Angel's son and wondered if there was any possible way he could make a more embarrassing first impression. Perhaps if he tripped and fell or if his towel slid off...

At that thought, Wes grabbed onto the towel, just to make sure it didn't happen. Of course doing so disturbed the knot he'd made and it almost came undone in spite of his efforts.

Wes could feel his face heating with embarrassment. "I'm sorry," he said, glancing back and forth between Angel and Connor as he took a firmer grip on the towel's edge. "I didn't know you were... That is I thought that... Why don't I just go back into the bathroom and we can all pretend this never happened?"

Suiting action to words, Wes did just that, backing up until he banged into the wall beside the bathroom door, then slipping inside quickly and shutting the door behind him.

Closing his eyes, Wes leaned back against it and took several deep, calming breaths. Not that they were working very well as the embarrassment did not want to easily let go.

It was a familiar feeling from his childhood, although granted as a child the reasons for his embarrassment had more to do with adolescent awkwardness and clumsiness of both body and words than accidentally parading almost naked in front of people he wanted to impress. Still, no matter the cause, it felt the same: the heat on his face, the sinking feeling in his stomach that made him wonder if he was about to make the situation even worse by being sick and worst of all the utter conviction that he'd just proved he was a complete and utter idiot. His father had always made certain of that.

As always, Wes' mind skittered away from thinking about his father too closely, choosing instead to concentrate on the fact that eventually he was going to have to leave the bathroom and actually talk to Connor. And he still didn't have his pack with his clean clothes so he would either have to go with the towel fashion statement again or put on the clothes he had been wearing, which he was sure smelled of what Angel and he had been doing in the library to anyone with enhanced senses. Which Angel had told him Connor had.

There was a knock of the door Wes was still leaning against. "It's Angel. Can I come in?"

At least he wasn't showing Angel anything the vampire hadn't seen before, Wes thought wryly as he stepped back and opened the door to let Angel in.

"I brought your pack," Angel said, holding it up as he did so. "It was in the bedroom."

At least that was the clothing dilemma taken care of, Wes thought as he took the pack from Angel's outstretched hand. "Thank you," he said, relieved that at least he would be able to be dressed and not smelling of sex for his second meeting with Connor.

"Sorry about..." Angel trailed off, gesturing at the door and the room beyond. "I should've warned you that Connor was going to be showing up. I didn't think that-"

"You didn't think that I was going to come out mostly naked and all but announce that we were fucking," Wes finished with a rueful smile.

"Well, no, but you wouldn't have if you'd known he was there," Angel pointed out reasonably, leaning against the door like Wes had done earlier and watching as Wes rummaged through his pack for something to put on.

"Sorry," Wes said, glancing up at Angel with a grimace when he'd pulled out some jeans and a green jumper from his pack. "At the very least I should have looked around the room before I start going on about your obsession with having me naked."

"It's not an obsession," Angel protested, and Wes raised an eyebrow at him at that statement. "Okay, okay, maybe it is, but not in a bad way."

"Except when I start talking about it in front of your son."

Angel tilted his head to the side in a considering motion. "I'll admit, it wasn't how I was planning on broaching the subject with him, but it did eliminate a lot of questions and explanations."

"Really." Wes discarded his towel and began to pull on his jeans. "I would have thought it would have only inspired more questions."

"According to Connor, there's just some things a son doesn't want to talk to his dad about," Angel said with a faint smile. "He's got that we're together and he really, really doesn't want to know anything more." Angel paused. "Really."

"So the very first thing I do is essentially rip away any plausible deniability he may have had," Wes said as he pulled the jumper over his head. The embarrassment was still there, but he was beginning to see the humour in the situation as well. "I don't suppose pretending he was a first edition would have helped any, considering what we were doing in the library earlier."

"Connor'll survive the shock," Angel assured him.

"If he can, I think I may just be able to as well." Wes picked up his glasses from where he'd set them on the sink counter and put them on. Turning to Angel, he held his hands out to the side and asked, "So do I pass muster?"

"Yeah." Angel eyed him appreciatively. "You look great." He paused for a minute and then added, "It probably goes without saying that I liked the way you looked before too. A lot."

Wes smiled and closed the distance between them enough to give Angel a brief kiss. "It does, but it's nice to hear regardless."

Angel slid his arms around Wes' waist and pulled him closer for another, longer kiss. "You okay now?" he asked softly.

Unused to having anyone concerned about him, the question both took Wes by surprise and sent a burst of warmth through his body. "Since I didn't die of embarrassment on the spot, I think I can safely say I am," he replied, then added more softly, "Thanks."

"Any time," Angel told him with a smile full of knowledge and affection. "Connor's keeping an eye on the food cooking -- it should be ready by now. You ready for a second try at making a first impression?"

"I don't think it works that way," Wes said with a faint frown, but continued gamely on. "But schematics aside, I'm about as ready as I'll ever be."

"Good." Angel gave him one last kiss then moved to open the bathroom door. "It'll be fine, you'll see."

Angel stepped out and taking a deep breath, Wes followed him.


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