by Wolfling

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Part 29



Angel calling his name pulled Wes from his perusing of book spines in this small makeshift library. "Over here," he replied, raising his voice to make sure it carried.

A couple of heartbeats later Angel appeared around the end of the stacks. "Hi."

"Hello," Wes replied, surprised at how happy just seeing Angel made him, considering how short the time they'd been apart was. "Debriefing go all right?"

"Yeah. Although it was less a debriefing and more a pumping me for information about you. Us. I haven't... not in a long time... so Doyle is..."

"Curious," Wes filled in when Angel hesitated too long.

Angel tilted his head to the side as he considered that. "I was going to say nosey, but yeah, curious works."

"Did I pass muster?" Wes asked with a bit of his own curiosity. He had thought he had made a good impression, but it never hurt to hear it confirmed.

"Doyle thinks I'm a lucky vampire." Angel smiled slightly and moved closer. "He's not wrong."

Feeling acutely aware of his attraction for Angel, Wes stepped closer, bringing them an arm's length apart. "And here I'd been thinking I was the lucky one," he murmured.

"Guess we're both lucky then," Angel observed, leaning in even closer. Wes met him halfway and slid his arms around Angel as they kissed.

The kiss quickly grew heated, probably too heated for a place where someone could walk in at any moment, but when Wes tried to pull back enough to protest, Angel pressed a hand to the front of Wes' jeans, and Wes' protest turned into a whimper.

Angel seemed to take that as a sign to be more aggressive because he pushed Wes back against one of the book shelves -- thankfully one attached to a wall as Wes had a brief image of them knocking one of the stacks over and the rest falling like dominoes.

"I keep thinking of you naked," Angel told him in between kisses. His hands held Wes' hips steady as he pushed against him and Wes could feel how hard he was. "Doesn't matter what subject I'm trying to concentrate all, I keep coming back to the same thing. You. Naked." The words were accompanied by particularly forceful thrusts, pushing Angel's erection against Wes' own and causing Wes to gasp at the sensation. Angel nipped at his throat and then pulled back enough to meet Wes' gaze. "Do you have any idea how much I want to fuck you right now?"

It was a bad idea, Wes knew that. Aside from the risk of someone walking in on them, this was a library and it just wasn't... proper. Even if Angel was doing that thing with his tongue against Wes' throat that made Wes' knees go weak... No. Not in front of the books. Wes opened his mouth to say so, but the words that came out were, "Show me?"

So much for impulse control.

But Wes didn't have time to regret his inability to protest because Angel was taking him at his word. Wes' clothes were disappearing at vampiric speed and Angel's hands seemed to be everywhere.

"You're far too good at that," Wes gasped as those hands sought out particular sensitive areas.

"What, undressing you?" Angel asked, nipping at Wes' throat again, brief sharp stings that reminded Wes just how it had felt when Angel had drank from him and making him moan with the memory.

"That," Wes managed, his hands reaching for Angel's shoulders and holding on as the vampire's passion threatened to spin reality away. "Making me want you to undress me. And touch me. And..." Angel's hands had now slid below Wes' waist were stroking his suddenly very hard cock. "Oh god," Wes whimpered. "Fuck me."

Angel kissed him breathless, stroking Wes until he was shaking with the need to come. Then he was spun around and Angel was pressing Wes' hands to the bookshelves, holding them in place until Wes closed his fingers around the wood.

"Keep them there," Angel ordered as he let go and indeed took his hands off of Wes entirely.

He was back before Wes could do more than register his absence, one hand gripping Wes' hip while the fingers of the other slid inside him, teasing, preparing, making Wes groan with anticipation of what was coming.

He didn't have to wait long; it was only a few heartbeats later that Angel's cock was pushing into him in one long slow thrust.

Wes' grip on the bookshelf in front of him became white knuckled as he tried to hold onto the remaining shards left of his self-control as Angel began fucking him in earnest. Sparks shot along his nerves with every move Angel made, but Wes didn't want to come, not yet. The pleasure, the connection, the rightness of having Angel inside him like this was all just too amazing to be over so soon.

But when Angel reached around and closed his hand around Wes' cock, it didn't matter how much Wes wanted to hold back. Some things, some feelings were just too overwhelming to resist. Angel squeezed Wes' cock just right and Wes came so intensely all he could do is gasp silently.

Angel seemed to have been waiting for that because it seemed like there was any hardly any time before he was holding onto Wes' hips with bruising strength and groaning in his ear with his own orgasm.

Wes wasn't sure exactly how, but they ended up sitting on the floor, Angel leaning back against the book shelves and Wes leaning against Angel. Wes was feeling boneless and sated and all around happy and content.

"I can't believe we just did that here," he said, lazily stroking Angel's arm where it wrapped around him.

"What's wrong with here?" Angel asked, just as lazily nuzzling at that spot just below Wes' ear.

"It's a library. It just seems... disrespectful to the books somehow."

There was a long pause where Angel looked at the shelves of books around them. "I really don't think the books minded, Wes," he finally said.


"Trust me, Wes. Most of them don't care. And some of them are downright encouraging. We'll have to try and find you a copy of the kama sutra; that'll prove my point." Angel nuzzled Wes again. "Not that I think we need any encouraging..."

"No," Wes agreed wryly, "Encouragement does not seem to be a problem. Restraint on the other hand..."

"I could always tie you up next time," Angel offered helpfully.

Wes tried very hard not to smile at that, although he wasn't quite successful. "That isn't the kind of the restraint I was talking about."


"No." Wes sighed, giving up the argument for now. After all, he too had lacked sufficient restraint and it wasn't like he hadn't enjoyed himself. "I suppose this was inevitable; given your proclivity to molest both books and me..."

"Yeah, books turn me into a complete and total letch," Angel agreed easily. "Or maybe that's just you that does that to me." He turned Wes' head with a gentle hand and kissed him.

As usual Wes felt himself getting lost in it, but this time forced himself to pull back. "No," he said trying to sound firm. "We're not doing this here again. We got lucky once, but anyone could walk in on us and I'm not feeling like putting on a show."

"Don't worry." Angel was smiling at him, a little smugly. "It's taken care of." He leaned in to kiss Wes again, but Wes pulled back, keeping the same distance between them.

"It is?"

"Yeah. I locked the door when I came in." Angel's smile if anything got a bit smugger. "I don't like being interrupted when I'm having my way with you."

"Oh." Wes considered for a moment. "I guess you can carry on then."

Angel seemed more than happy to comply.


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