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Part 28


Angel watched as Doyle and Wes discussed the books they'd brought back with them. Doyle was showing his usual talent with people, drawing Wes out with a few well-placed questions about the books here and back at the library. Wes, for his part, became downright animated, discussing his library with an appreciative and attentive audience.

He'd done much the same thing with Angel when they'd first met, coming out of his shell as he gave Angel a tour of the library. Of course the coming out of his shell had gone a good deal further since then for which Angel was exceedingly grateful, but that had happened under extraordinary circumstances. Angel was fairly certain that Doyle wouldn't be drinking from Wes anytime soon, or stripping him naked.

And, oh look, he was thinking about Wes being naked. Again. It seemed that every train of thought was eventually leading him back to that particular image. Not that he was complaining too much, mind you; there were far worse things he could be fixated on. But it was... distracting.

So much so that he had stopped paying attention to the real, clothed Wes and his conversation with Doyle until he realised the conversation had stopped and they were both looking at him expectantly.

Finding he had no memory to replay of the last few minutes, Angel was forced to shake his head and ask, "I'm sorry, what was that again...?"

"You know, having super sensitive vampire hearing doesn't do you a lick of good if you don't actually listen," Doyle pointed out helpfully, and with a hint of a knowing grin. "Wes is going to go peruse our attempt at a library here while you and I get the chore of your mission debriefing out of the way. That is," and here Doyle's grin sprang forth in all its glory, "if you can stop daydreaming long enough to do so."

"Yeah, I..." Angel began then paused, glancing over at Wes to make sure he was all right with this plan.

Wes smiled at him, just as knowing but somehow more affectionate than Doyle's grin. "Go ahead," he said. "I'm rather looking forward to fondling some new books myself. You can come find me when you're done."

"All right," Angel agreed, wondering if Wes would be uncomfortable if he kissed him in front of Doyle.

An unasked question that was answered a moment later when Wes stopped in front of Angel on his way out of Doyle's office and gave him a quick but quite thorough kiss. So thorough that Wes was long gone with Clem, the guide Doyle assigned him before Angel was fully able to get his mind back in gear.

When he did the first thing he noticed was Doyle leaning against his desk and smirking at him.

"So are your next words going to be, 'He followed me home, can I keep him?'" Doyle asked brightly.

"It was more that he asked to come along than he followed me," Angel replied, mentally resigning himself to Doyle's teasing as he settled into the large leather chair in the corner that was his customary spot during these little discussions with his best friend. "As for keeping him, I think that's more up to him than you. Unless you're implying I need permission...?"

Doyle waved that away. "You're a grown vampire; I'm sure you're able to make your own decisions about your love life. Although I feel it is my duty to point out that this is the first time you've even had something resembling a love life since I've known you so you should expect a certain amount of scientific curiosity on my part." He grinned. "Nothing prurient about it, I swear."


"Well almost nothing -- Faith's going to be pumping me for details when she hears and I'll need something to satisfy her curiosity if I'm going to experience any prurient details of my own. Although," Doyle mused, "I suppose I could tell her about you molesting books instead..."

"I wasn't molesting the books," Angel stated firmly.

"Y'know, Angel man, I'd trust you with my life, but I think I'm going to have to believe Wes on this point. He seems to have had experience with you and molesting things up close and personal like."

"You seemed to have developed a fixation with that word."

"What, 'molesting'?" Doyle grinned. "You going to tell me it's not fitting?"

"No," Angel had to admit. "But it's not like I meant... I mean of course I meant it when I... and Wes... we... It just happened. Not like I planned it or anything."

"Yeah, because you're such a slave to your impulses," Doyle teased. "But seriously, I'm happy for you, man. Everyone deserves to have someone they can molest. And Wes seems like a good guy."

Angel immediately brightened at this little bit of praise. "You really think so?"

Doyle nodded. "As Lorne would say, he gives off good vibes. Why -- you're not asking for my approval are you? Because you casting me in some kind of parental role is just too weird."

"I'm not casting you in some parental role," Angel assured him. "And I'm not asking for approval." He paused. "Not in that way at least." At Doyle's questioning look, he tried to explain further. "I just want you to like him. Makes things easier if my best friend and my... Wes get along, y'know?"

"Your Wes, huh?" Doyle smiled knowingly.

Angel grimaced a little at his accidental possessiveness. "This is all still pretty new. I'm not exactly sure what I should call him yet."

"'Yours' seems to work just fine."

"Yeah," Angel said, smiling as he turned that over in his head and applied it to what seemed to be happening between him and Wes. "I guess it does at that."

Mine, he thought. Wes is mine.

Yeah, that worked real well.

Doyle was back to just watching him and smirking. "You're got it bad, my friend, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving vampire."

"Thanks," Angel replied. "I think."

"Anytime." Doyle moved around his desk and flopped down into his chair, putting his feet up on the corner of the desktop. "Just so this is an actual debriefing and not just me pumping you for details of your lovelife, is there anything I should know about your mission?"

"Yeah," Angel said, getting serious. "The wards on the Vegas safe house were breached. Some feral humans with a pet mage had set up shop there."

Doyle frowned. "How many?"

"Half a dozen or so, but don't worry. We took care of them. Or," Angel clarified, "Wes took care of them. I was a bit... tied up at the time." Tied up, beat up, he had been a whole bunch of things, none of them pleasant.

Doyle knew him well enough to figure out what he wasn't saying. "You okay?"

"Fine," Angel assured him. "Wes took care of me until the old vampire healing could kick in. We did our best to repair the wards, but Wes wasn't familiar with this particular type and you know me and magic, so..."

"I'll have somebody go and look at them." Doyle put his feet down on the floor and leaned forward, going through the papers on his desk. "Looks like Ripper and Ethan are scheduled to get back in the next few days; I'll send them when they do." He flipped through some more papers, then looked up at Angel. "I'm assuming I don't need to find a room for Wes on base...?"

"That would be a safe assumption," Angel replied carefully. "At least it's one I'm making too. If it turns out we both assumed wrong, I'll get back to you."

"Right." Doyle stood up, glancing at the tiny clock on his desk. "And unless there's any other surprises I should know about right now, I'm going to head back and see if I can't catch the last half hour of class. You go see if your Wes has found any books worthy of molesting."

Angel stood as well, falling into step with Doyle as they both left his office. "You really need to get over your fixation on that word."

"Hey, if the fixation fits..." Doyle grinned at him as they reached the corridor where they'd be going in different directions. "I'll give you and Wes a day to get settled, but I expect you two and Connor to eat with Siobhan and me tomorrow night. She's not going to be happy until she gets to see you anyway and this way at least you get a meal. I'll even use my not inconsiderable clout to get you some of the good blood we've got stored here. The stuff we save for emergencies and welcome home dinners."

"Okay," Angel agreed. "I'll check with Wes and as long as he's all right with it, we'll be there."

"Great." Doyle by this time was walking backwards down the corridor. "I'll let Siobhan know. You go have fun with your Wes and we'll see the two of you then." He bumped into someone walking in the opposite direction, gave a quick apology and finally turned around so he was watching where he was going.

Which left Angel standing in the cross corridor alone. He let the conversation he'd just had settle for a brief moment, more pleased than he had expected that Doyle approved of Wes. Then he headed for the small Unity library.

He wondered how many times he'd think about Wes being naked by the time he got there.


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