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Part 23


As a rule, vampires generally didn't need as much sleep as humans, so it was that Angel found himself wide awake with a still deeply asleep Wes half-draped over him. He could've shifted Wes off onto the mattress and got up and done any number of things -- shower, get dressed, read a book, go talk to Lorne -- but in the hour since he'd woken up, Angel hadn't moved. He'd remained where he was, watching Wes sleep and listening to him breathe... and thinking.

What they had done before falling asleep had been... well, really really hot for one thing. There was just something about Wes that made it difficult to keep his hands off of him. And the way Wes responded when he did touch him was just... well it certainly wasn't discouraging the urge to keep touching.

But it had been more than just the physical, although the physical alone was great, really great. Really, really great. Really... distracting, Angel thought with a ghost of a smile as he pulled his thoughts back from fixating on just how really great it had been. It was merely a delaying tatic, to keep him from thinking about what else had happened.

Angel wasn't even sure what to call it; that strange moment when, buried balls deep in Wes' body, he'd met Wes' eyes and the entire world seemed to shift a few degrees to the left. It had been like a dislocated joint sliding back into place -- everything had clicked. It was like there had been something wrong with his existence, something so subtle that he hadn't even noticed it until it had suddenly been put right.

By being with Wes.

The feeling had faded somewhat after they had.. finished, but it hadn't disappeared completely. Even now, hours later, some part deep inside of him was taking continued pleasure and satisfaction by having Wes there. If he had been a cat he was sure he'd be purring. It was... If he had to pick a word for it the closest he could come would be contentment, but even that wasn't quite right.

Wes beginning to stir pulled Angel out of his thoughts. He watched as Wes' eyes flickered open, then focused on him. There was a couple of seconds for memory to catch up and then this slow smile spread across Wes' face and the feeling of rightness was back stronger than ever.

Angel wasn't able to resist that smile and leaned over to kiss him. "Hi," he said when he pulled back.

"Good morning," Wes replied, then frowned. "Although I should more properly say afternoon I suppose."

"Yeah, Sleeping with a vampire will mess with your time sense." Angel ran a hand along Wes' shoulder. "Probably should have warned you about that."

Wes shifted, moving into the touch like a cat. "It's a hardship I'm willing to put up with," he said, waving it away grandly. "I used to lose track of time back i the library too, but it was never for reasons quite so... enthralling."

"Enthralling," Angel repeated, rolling it over his tongue. It was a good word, he decided, for whatever this was that Wes made him feel. "You're certainly that."

That made Wes smile and blush a little, but he didn't look away. "I could say the same about you. Last night was... Is it always like that? Sleeping with vampires?"

"If it was, I would've stopped getting out of bed years ago." Angel leaned in to steal another kiss. "Have to admit it's tempting to take that up as a hobby now."

"Staying in bed with you?" Wes stole a kiss of his own. "Yes, I can certainly see the allure." He sighed regretfully. "But we don't have the time right now... do we?"

Angel took stock of the time and what they had to do and allowed, "We can probably take an hour before we have to get up; more if we don't let Lorne talk our ears off before leaving for Unity." He grinned. "Doyle's always after me to get myself some new hobbies; he'll understand if we're later than we could've been."

"I like him already," Wes said, then began kissing Angel in earnest.

Conversation faded away for a bit, replaced by other more basic and primal forms of communication. The sex this time was slow and lazy but the climax was just as good and that deep feeling of connection when he slid into Wes was just the same as the night before.

"You feel it too," Wes said some time later while they laid tangled together in a sated heap, basking iin the afterglow.

It hadn't been a question, Angel noted, so much as an observation. "Yeah," he said, absently running his hand over Wes' bare shoulder. "I do."

"It's not just a vampire thing is it?" Wes asked, tiny frown lines appearing between his brows. "Some kind of instinct or defense -- like how I reacted when you fed from me?"

"No," Angel quickly reassured him, reaching out to smooth away those frown lines. "I don't think it has anything to do with me being a vampire. I think it's more of a you and me thing."

"Yes, it does feel that way, doesn't it?" Wes seemed to mull that over for a moment or two, absently trailing his fingers across Angel's chest as he did so. "I like it," he finally said, a bit shyly.

"Me too." Privately Angel thought that 'like' may be too mild a word, but it would do for now. He didn't think either of them were quite ready for all of the other words that came to mind, not yet, though he was beginning to belive they might eventually be.

"I'm right where I'm supposed to be," Wes murmured, half to himself. "That's what Lorne told me when I sang. I have to admit that it was certainly the last thing I expected him to say." He smiled at Angel then, so brightly that Angel would have caught his breath if he'd needed to breathe. "But he's right -- that's exactly how I feel. I'm right where I'm supposed to be, here, with you."

"Lucky me," Angel said, the words heartfelt as he leaned in to steal one more kiss before they had to get up.


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