by Wolfling

(Rated NC-17


Part 22


Wes found himself shivering as Angel tightened his grip on Wes' wrists and smiled so wickedly at him. It made him realise that Angel could do pretty much anything to him just then and there wasn't much, if anything Wes could do to stop him.

And it made him a hell of a lot harder than he already was, if that was possible.

Angel pushed Wes down on the bed, pulling Wes' arms over his head and holding them there as he kissed Wes again, far more possessive and demanding than the earlier ones. The kiss stole Wes' breath so thoroughly that he was feeling light headed by the time Angel released his mouth again.

Of course that could also be because most of his blood seemed busy further south in his body. Either way it was Angel's fault.

When Angel broke off the kiss he spent a moment just staring down at Wes in such a way that Wes thought he now understood the phrase he'd read in a book somewhere about being devoured by a gaze. Angel seemed intent on taking in every little detail and keeping it and that made Wes feel even less in control and even more aroused.

"Don't move," Angel ordered, transferring his grip on Wes' wrists to one hand while he leaned over and rummaged in the bedside table's drawer with the other.

Wes kept mostly still, but couldn't resist lifting his head to try and get a better look. "What are you doing?"

Angel made a satisfied sound as he turned back to Wes, holding up what he'd grabbed from the drawer. "Getting supplies," he said, giving Wes another one of those wicked smiles that seemed to go right down Wes' spine.

Wes looked at what Angel was holding with a mixture of curiosity and wariness. "The lube I understand, although I'm not sure I want to know why there was some ready and waiting in the bedside table. But the scarves?"

"That's so I can have use of both my hands and still make sure you stay still." Angel's smile got just a touch more wicked as he trailed the scarves over Wes' chest and up his arms.

"Oh," Wes replied faintly.

"Oh," Angel repeated, still smiling, but his expression quickly turned serious. "This is all in fun, right? You know that if there's anything you don't like or want... All you've got to do is say so. You know that, right?"

"Yes," Wes replied in a stronger voice. He had known that, but it was still nice to hear it out loud. It made his feelings towards Angel even warmer than they already were.

Angel was still looking at him with that extra serious expression so Wes gave him a smile. "Really, I do. I'll say something if I get... uncomfortable, I promise."

Another moment of Angel looking at him seriously and searchingly and he nodded. "All right," he said softly and then the wicked smile was back as he tied one of the scarves around Wes' wrists, then used another to secure them to the headboard.

"There." Angel sat up, running his hands lightly down the underside of Wes' bound arms as he did so. "Now that I've got you where I want you, I have to figure out what to do with you." His hands continued down Wes' sides, a light caress just firm enough not to tickle. "I'm kinda spoiled for choice here."

The brief pause hadn't been enough to cool Wes' ardour much and the reality at being totally at Angel's mercy quickly regained any ground that may have been lost and then some. Still he did his best to keep his voice casual as he offered, "I could give you some suggestions, if you'd like."

Angel seemed to consider that, then shook his head. "Nah. I'll just go with my instincts."

And Angel's instincts were bloody damn good, or so the very small part of Wes' brain that remained capable of thinking after almost an hour of Angel following said instincts insisted. The rest of his brain was too busy whimpering and shaking with pleasure as Angel touched and stroke and kissed and licked what felt like ever inch of his skin, making his entire body seem to tingle with sensation and leaving him aching with need.

He'd been close to coming more than once, but Angel seemed to sense when he was and backed off just enough that Wes would fall back from that point. It was making him absolutely crazy and it finally pulled words from him amidst the gasps and moans.


Angel looked up at him, still wearing that wicked smile. "Please what?" he asked, sliding a hand up the inside of Wes' thigh.

Questions. He was in no condition to answer questions! But Angel just kept looking at him patiently, his fingers stroking rhythmically so close to where Wes wanted them and he knew he had to try at least. "Please.... sir?"

That got him kissed long and hard enough that he was seeing spots in front of his eyes from lack of air by the time Angel pulled back. "Nice," he told Wes, his hand moving up just a little higher. "But not quite what I was going for. Please what? What are you asking me for?"

That was easy to answer and Wes was too far gone at the moment to even feel embarrassed doing so. "Please fuck me," he said. After a second or two he added, "Sir," for good measure.

Angel gave him a predatory grin as he shifted and pulled Wes' legs up over his shoulders. "Thought you'd never ask," he said as pushed into Wes with one long thrust.

Wes gasped at the sudden penetration; he was surprised he hadn't yelled, surprised he hadn't come, so intense was the feeling. But then for a long moment Angel didn't move, just sat there buried balls deep in Wes, his eyes never leaving Wes' face. Wes knew this because he was staring back at Angel as well.

It was a strange moment; Wes was still buzzing, as close to coming as he could be without actually doing so, but for this moment that faded into the background. Instead, as he continued to stare into Angel's brown eyes there was this new feeling. An instinct... no it was more than that. It was a knowing. A knowing that he was connected to this man, this vampire, and at a far deeper and more profound level than physically. It was like something essential clicked into place somewhere in his soul; like the world suddenly made more sense than it did a minute before. It made more sense because he was with Angel.

Whatever he was feeling, he knew Angel was feeling it too, could see the same play of emotions in his eyes as he himself was feeling. Neither of them said anything, but Angel finally gave him the smallest, shyest grin that Wes had ever seen and which he returned with a smile of his own.

Angel leaned over to kiss him, which caused a bolt of pleasure to go through Wes as the movement caused Angel to shift within him. That broke the moment of silent communion as both became aware of their bodies' demands and Angel set about fucking Wes in earnest.

The feeling of connection remained however, even as Wes was crying out and shuddering through one of the most powerful orgasms he'd ever had. It remained as Angel fucked him harder, holding onto Wes' hips hard enough to leave bruises. It remained when Angel threw his head back, his eyes unseeing as he came in turn. It remained as Angel untied Wes and rubbed his wrists lightly to help restore circulation, then turned out the lights and gathered Wes to him. It remained as Wes wriggled around until he found the perfect most comfortable spot, half on top of Angel, his head pillowed on the vampire's shoulder.

Neither of them spoke. They didn't need to.

They both knew that at this moment, they were where they belonged.


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