by Wolfling

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Part 21


Wes melted against Angel as they kissed, seeming to soak up the affection like a plant does sunshine. It still seemed to be more about comfort than need, although Angel could smell the beginnings of arousal from him.

It didn't really matter one way or the other to Angel, not really. After having to watch Wes work himself very nearly into an anxiety attack over Lorne's reading and not being able to do anything that helped, Angel was just happy that now finally he was able to. If that meant just providing comfort that was fine, and if it meant fucking him through the mattress, Angel was fine with that too. More than fine really, but only if that was what Wes needed.

Angel kept the kiss going for as long as Wes seemed to want it to, only pulling back when Wes did. He watched Wes as Wes looked at him, seeming to be searching for something in his expression. Whatever it was, he must've found it because he smiled at Angel in a way that brought a light to his eyes. "You said something about bed?"

"We don't have to," Angel said quickly, wanting to make sure he wasn't talking Wes into something he didn't really want to do. "I mean if you'd rather do something else... we can do whatever you want."

Wes' smile grew wider as Angel spoke. "I appreciate that, truly. But bed for something other than sleep does sound appealing."

"You sure?"

"Quite sure." Wes raised an eyebrow. "Would it help if I pretended to be asleep so you could take my clothes off and molest me again?"

"That won't be necessary," Angel said quickly.

"Good." Wes' smile was making certain parts of Angel's anatomy sit up and take notice. "I was hoping you'd do it when I was awake this time."

Angel's libido cheered somewhere in the back of his head at that suggestion. Trying not to sound too overeager he said, "I think that's something we can manage," and leaned in to kiss him again.

This kiss was a little more heated than the last one, but Angel managed to keep enough of his mind working to slowly back Wes up towards the bed without releasing his mouth.

Kissing Wes was fast becoming addictive, Angel decided as Wes slid his hands into Angel's hair, holding him in place as he deepened the kiss. There was something about the way he wholeheartedly threw himself into the experience, seeming to shut out everything else that just added an extra level of intensity. It made Angel want to keep kissing him forever at the same time it made him want to give Wes even more to lose himself in.

The second desire finally won out and Angel pulled back enough to look at Wes as he debated exactly what his next move should be. It was excellent inspiration; Wes was panting a bit trying to regain his breath, which meant that his mouth was slightly open and glistening from the kisses they'd been sharing. This of course made Angel want to kiss him again, but he managed to maintain his focus, even while his mind was absently cataloguing the rest of Wes' features.

Of particular interest were his eyes -- wide and dark and staring at Angel from behind his glasses, mutely asking for all the things that Angel was contemplating doing. Wes' eyes were very eloquent.

Wanting to see them more clearly, Angel plucked the glasses off of Wes' face and carefully laid them on the nearest nightstand. Yes, that was definitely better.

With his glasses gone, Wes blinked at him a couple of times, a slight line forming between his eyebrows, the precursor of a frown of concentration. But the line smoothed out almost before Angel had a chance to register its presence and the frown died stillborn. Instead Wes smiled very slightly and leaned in for another kiss.

Unable to resist the invitation, Angel obliged him, kissing him again, this time pulling him closer, right up against his body as he did so. As the kiss continued, blending into the next one and the next one, Angel let his hands rove over Wes' clothed body, untucking, unbuttoning, unzipping and just generally doing all those un things that result in someone being unclothed.

Over two hundred years of living had given Angel a certain expertise at this sort of thing and he managed to get Wes naked without having to stop kissing him save for the time it took to take off Wes' boots, and he made up for that brief lapse by kissing him twice as passionately when he'd finished.

It was well worth the effort though because now he wasn't just kissing Wes, he was kissing a naked Wes. That meant there was all that bare skin available for him to stroke and touch to make Wes moan and gasp and shiver in his arms.

Wes finally pulled back panting for breath and looking at him would have stolen Angel's if he'd needed it. With his hair all mussed, his eyes dark with want and his lips kiss swollen -- not to mention all that bare skin and the very pretty cock jutting out from his body all hard and proud -- Wes was a walking invitation to debauchery and it would take a stronger vampire than Angel to resist it.

"You're still dressed," Wes pointed out with a faint frown.

Angel looked down at himself. "Looks like. S'pose I should do something about that, huh?" Wes reached out and began unbuttoning Angel's shirt. "Or I could just stand here and let you do something about it."

"I'm quite capable of taking matters into my own hands when needed," Wes replied as he pushed Angel's shirt off his shoulders and then slid his hands down to undo Angel's pants.

Angel thought about Wes taking certain matters into his own hands and bit back a groan at the mental picture that conjured up. He certainly was going to have to ask Wes for a demonstration of that some time. But not tonight. Right now this was all about taking care of Wes and somehow asking him to put on a show didn't seem the best way to do that.

While he was thinking, Wes had managed to get his pants off of him; Angel obligingly toed off his shoes and stepped out of the resulting puddle of discarded clothing. "Better?" he asked, reaching out to pull Wes against him, feeling like purring when all that warm skin touched his own.

"Much." Wes sighed in satisfaction and seemed content to just stand there like that, pressed up against Angel, their arms wrapped around each other, hands stroking bare skin soothingly.

It didn't take long though for Wes' touch to move from soothing to arousing as his hands darted all over Angel's body in light teasing caresses that almost but not quite tickled. They also were quite quickly driving Angel crazy. Judging by the faint smirk that Wes was wearing, he was well aware of that fact.

Unable to take it any longer, Angel grabbed both of Wes' wrists and held them away from his body. "Stop that," he said, the words coming out more growl than he had intended. Interestingly, Wes' heartrate and the scent of his arousal both spiked at that. This gave Angel some very interesting ideas.

Ideas that he decided to act upon when Wes gave him a challenging smile and said, "Make me."

"Okay," Angel replied with his best evil grin.

This was going to be fun.


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