by Wolfling

(Rated NC-17


Part 15


Mutual molesting was so much better, Angel thought rather giddily as Wesley wrapped his arms around him and pulled him down until they were lying pressed skin to skin, with only the tangled blanket around Angel's waist between them.

They'd been kissing for some minutes now, tongues tangling and exploring each other's mouths, and Angel would have been quite happy just to keep doing that, but Wesley seemed to have other ideas.

Wesley pulled his mouth away from Angel's and trailed a series of nipping kisses along Angel's jawline. "I wonder," he murmured between kisses, "if there's anywhere in particular I should be molesting?"

Angel gasped as Wesley nipped sharply directly over his jugular. "Right there is a good place to start."

Wesley chuckled, his lips vibrating pleasantly still against Angel's throat. "Of course. Where else would a vampire be sensitive but his neck?"

"I could give you a list if you want," Angel offered, the last bit of "want" getting cut off as Wesley actually bit Angel's throat. Not hard enough to draw blood, but hard enough to draw a sound not unlike a moan from him.

"I think," Wesley said consideringly, inbetween more throat nips, "I might prefer to just go exploring on my own." He pushed on Angel's shoulder, rolling them both over, until Angel was on his flat on his back with Wesley looming over him with a grin. "But please feel free to let me know when I happen across somewhere particularly good."

And then Wesley lowered his head and proved just how thorough an explorer he could be. With unerring accuracy he found every hotspot that Angel had, including several he would have sworn had never been hotspots before. By the time Wesley turned his attention to Angel's cock, murmuring, "Let me know if I do anything you don't like," Angel had pretty much lost the ability to speak coherently.

What Wesley was doing now wasn't exactly helping him get it back either. A warm hand closed around the base of his cock, while an even warmer tongue licked catlike at the head. The quick, light touches seemed to sizzle through Angel's entire nervous system, leaving him moaning and digging his hands into the sheets beneath him in an effort to keep still.

It was wonderful. Amazing. More than he had expected. And... not nearly enough. He groaned in need and frustration as Wesley continued to tease him with his tongue. Then, just as Angel thought he would go crazy if it went on for one second more, Wesley's mouth closed fully around his cock.

Angel yelled, his hips thrusting upward sharply, but Wesley just moved with him, continuing to slide his mouth further down Angel's cock despite the vampire's lack of control. With that kind of stimulation, it didn't take long before Angel was shaking with his climax, coming down Wesley's throat.

Wesley continued to work his cock through his orgasm, then crawled back up Angel's body and looked down at him with a smile. "I would call that a successful experiment, I think," he said, leaning in and kissing Angel quite thoroughly. Angel could taste himself on Wesley's tongue.

He was content to just continue kissing Wesley until he recovered a bit, then he pulled back and rolled them over so that Wesley was lying underneath him. "My turn to experiment," he said with a grin of his own, already planning his line of attack.

"You don't have to," Wesley protested, even as Angel could feel his body reacting. Wesley wanted this, no matter what he was saying.

"That was the whole idea though, right?" he replied, leaning down and returning Wesley's earlier favour and running a series of nipping kisses down the line of Wesley's throat. "You molest me and I molest you?"

Wesley's breathing was quickening in reaction. "Yes, but..."

"But?" Angel asked, inbetween kisses. He slid one hand over Wesley's chest and pinched a nipple, which earned him a gasp.

"But it's not... necessary," Wesley gamely answered, though even his tone of voice now was saying otherwise.

"I think it is," Angel told him, then slid down enough to take the same nipple in his mouth, which seemed to silence Wesley's arguments, though not his voice entirely.

As had happened the first time, Wesley was very vocal in his pleasure. As Angel slowly made his way down Wesley's body, first there was gasps and small sounds like stillborn moans. By the time Angel reached Wesley's cock, that had progressed to whimpers and groans and half formed words. It was, Angel thought as he took Wesley into his mouth, like a symphony of pleasure, and one he wanted to hear more of.

He brought Wesley to the brink once, twice, three times, but monitoring Wesley's reactions, pulled back before Wesley could actually come. Each time he did, the sounds Wesley was making became deeper in feeling, more desperate, more abandoned. By the third time, Wesley was incoherent and shaking with need.

And Angel was hard again.

He slid a finger back over Wesley's perinieum to the opening that lay beyond, taking note at how the sounds Wesley was making grew more urgent and how Wesley pushed into the touch. Brushing his finger over and over that spot, but not -- quite -- pushing inside, Angel raised his head enough to meet Wesley's sensation-fogged eyes.

"I want to fuck you," he said, quite clearly, despite his own arousal. "Can I?"

The sound Wesley made in response didn't sound all that much like "yes" or any real word, but the way he spread his legs even wider and pushed more firmly into Angel's touch made its meaning clear.

Taking that as the permission it seemed to be, and using some oinment from the first aid kit, Angel began to prepare Wesley. If anything, Wesley seemed even more responsive to this touch than any that Angel had bestowed before, writhing and thrusting against Angel's fingers inside him, his face a study of someone completely lost in pleasure. Part of Angel just wanted to continue doing this, so captivating was Wesley to watch this way, but his own arousal was reminding him that there was a next logical step and could he please get on with it.

Consequently, Angel quickly prepared himself, then lifted Wesley's legs over his shoulders and slid his cock into Wesley's body in one slow, smooth thrust.

It was hot and tight and Angel had to close his eyes and go completely still in an effort to not lose control then and there. It took a morment but eventually the need to explode right away faded enough for him to try and continue.

Opening his eyes again, Angel found himself looking directly into Wesley's, which were wide with lust and wonder. For a long moment they stared at each other unmoving. Then Wesley smiled and squeezed himself tight around Angel's cock.

"Fuck me," he said, more order than request.

Angel was only too happy to obey.


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