by Wolfling

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Part 14


For a very long moment Wesley just stared at Angel staring at him. Angel's expression was an almost humourous mixture of guilt and near panic; Wesley had no idea what his own face looked like, wasn't quite sure what he was feeling even.

But it was quickly becoming apparent that if he left it up to Angel, they would continue sitting and staring at each other forever, so Wesley cleared his throat and tried to think of something innocuous to say, which Why is your hand on my cock? most definitely wasn't.

What he finally came up with was, "I see you're feeling better."

Angel blinked. "Uh, yeah. Thanks." He looked down then back up to meet Wesley's gaze and stammered something that Wesley assumed was supposed to be an explanation. "This isnt... I was just... you looked like you... I was..."

"Picking up from where you left off?" Wesley finished for him, glancing meaningfully down his body to where Angel's hand still rested against his cock.

Angel seemed to suddenly realise where his hand was and snatched it away quickly. "Sorry," he apologised, averting his gaze and blushing. "I was just..." He trailed off again, before admitting with a ghost of wry humour, "You know, there's just nothing I can say to make this seem any better, is there?"

"Probably not," Wesley agreed easily. "Just to make sure we're both clear on this, you were molesting me when I was asleep, right?"

"Yeah," Angel replied, blushing deeper. "I... uh... Yeah. Sorry."

Despite the situation, Wesley found he wasn't upset. In fact what he most felt at the moment was bemusement. And, perhaps, a bit of curiosity. "Why?"

Angel frowned. "Why?" he echoed.

"Yes, why? I am assuming that you don't go around molesting random people in their sleep. So why me? I'm also assuming it has something to do with you drinking from me..." It was Wesley's turn to trail off and blush, the memory of what had happened still very fresh.

"Not the way you're thinking," Angel assured him. "It's not so much that I drank from you, it's more seeing how you reacted."

Wesley's face heated even more. "So because I acted like some kind of... animal in heat, you thought I'd be all right with you..."

"No!" Angel protested. "I didn't -- don't -- think you're easy like that, Wesley. Honest."

Privately, Wesley thought that Angel couldn't be blamed if he did, considering he was lying completely naked in front of the vampire and had made no move to cover himself as they talked. But taking Angel at his word, he asked, "Then what was it?"

"It was the way you reacted. You were so... honest. Open. Beautiful." Angel gave him a look. "And you have no idea how irresistible you are, do you?"

Irresistible? Him? Wesley shook his head. "No one's ever found me so before," he said, doubting that anyone could. Yet there were Angel's actions to back up his words. He had been molesting him when he slept after all...

"I do," Angel insisted, firmly enough that Wesley couldn't find it in him to doubt his sincerity.

"If you say so," Wesley sighed. He believed Angel believed it, but he still didn't believe it was objectively true. It had to be a side effect of the feeding, or the spells the mage used on him.

"I could prove it to you."

Wesley blinked. "What?"

"I could, you know, show you," Angel said, his eyes roving over Wesley's body in a way that made Wesley want to squirm. "If you want me to."

Wesley's eyes narrowed. "Is this about you trying to get me to let you bite me again?"

"No! No biting, I promise. I was thinking more along the lines of..." Angel grinned slightly and rested a hand on Wesley's thigh. "...molesting you. While you're awake this time."

In spite of everything, Wesley felt himself react to the touch and the suggestion. Still he kept his voice conversational and polite when he asked, "And that will prove I'm irresistible? I rather think that my accepting would prove the opposite -- that you're the irresistible one."

"By that logic, doesn't my asking prove that I find you irresistible?"

There was that. Feeling his way, Wesley pointed out, "Of course, if you prove it by asking, you don't really need to do anything more to show me, do you?"

"Oh." The way Angel's face fell at that was almost comical. He pulled his hand back again with obvious reluctance. "I guess you're right."

"But you still want to," Wesley observed.

"Truthfully? Yeah." Angel smiled slightly. "That would part of the irresistible thing."

Wesley had to admit that Angel's reactions here were making a good case for irresistible, whatever the cause was. The idea that someone, especially someone like Angel who probably had had a few people think he was irresistible himself, thought that about him was certainly pleasing. Also kind of heady. Add that to Wesley's memories of what it felt like having Angel touch him before and Wesley was becoming hard pressed to remember why he was supposed to be refusing.

Maybe, just maybe, he shouldn't be. He turned the idea of accepting over in his head for a moment and discovered there was really only one thing that he wanted to make sure of.

"If we do this is it going to be mutual? It won't just be you molesting me, I'll get to molest you as well?" he clarified when Angel looked puzzeld at the original question.

The way Angel's eyes widened at the question, followed a heartbeat later by the most wonderful slow smile that Wesley could ever remember seeing answered the question before he ever spoke. "I promise you can molest me as much as you want. I'm all for mutual. Mutual is good. Very good." There was no doubting the sincerity of that.

It removed the last of Wesley's immediate doubts. There were still a few floating around back in his mind -- there always were -- but they weren't serious enough to make him refuse.

Heart beating fasting in anticipation, Wesley sat up and leaned into Angel so their faces were only an inch apart. "So if we're going to do this then," he said, letting a smile of his own touch his lips, "maybe we should start with a kiss?"

Angel stared at him searchingly for a very long moment. "Works for me," he said finally, closing the distance between them and kissing Wesley breathless.


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