by Wolfling

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Part 13


Wesley's post orgasmic haze combined with loss of blood made it easy for Angel to soothe him into sleep before he'd come fully back to his senses. This was a good thing for several reasons: Wesley could use the rest, and it gave Angel some time to try and figure out how to explain what had just happened.

Once he figured it out himself. Oh, Wesley wasn't the first person to have that sort of physical response from being fed off of, it was actually a fairly common physiological reaction, if rarely reaching those levels of intensity. But Angel didn't usually make a habit out of bringing off his victims -- however willing they may be.

But with Wesley, the taste of his blood, the scent of his arousal, the sound of his heartrate speeding... He had been irresistible, completely losing himself in the pleasure. Angel had had to touch him, had to give him more. The look on Wesley's face when he'd came had been... well, Angel had felt a surge of pride at being the one to put it there. And if he hadn't been still recovering from the mage's spells, he was sure he would have felt a surge of something else as well, and all just from watching Wesley.

He wanted to do it again. Not the blood part so much, though Wesley's blood had been sweet and potent and quite possibly addictive. But the touching... the making Wesley shiver and moan in pleasure and need, drawing it out longer next time so that he'd be completely abandoned when Angel finally...

Angel broke off the thought and looked down at himself; apparently parts of him at least he was recovering quite quickly. Unable to stop himself, he reached down and stroked his cock once before taking his hand away again. It didn't feel right, lusting after Wesley when he was asleep and senseless, especially as Angel didn't know if such thoughts on his part would be welcome. After Wesley woke up and they talked, then maybe...

Angel snorted. Yeah, because he was so good with the talking. He could just imagine how such a conversation would go. Or not go might be more accurate, as he imagined Wesley looking at him politely puzzled as Angel tried to piece together a whole sentence that didn't sound awkward or like he wanted to eat him. Eat him in the bad, non-fun, vampire sort of way that was.

No, Angel had always been a man -- vampire -- of action, not words. So maybe he should just show Wesley what he wanted to do. Oh he'd stop if Wesley wanted him to, but he was sure after the first few touches in just the right places, Wesley wouldn't want him to stop.

And that kind of thinking was going to get him into trouble, Angel thought as he pulled his hand away from where it had been creeping towards Wesley's sleeping form. Best that he tried to put it all out of his mind for now and concentrate on more practical matters.

Like the cut on Wesley's arm. It had mostly stopped bleeding, but was still seeping just a little bit around the edges; Angel could smell it. It should be tended to. Angel could do that. It was a nice practical chore and he was ignoring the bit about it giving him a legitimate reason to touch Wesley. After all this wasn't about seduction, it was about medical treatment. There was nothing sexy about putting bandages on someone.

He kept repeating that last thought over and over as he reached for the first aid kit and got out the supplies he needed. He kept repeating it as he tended to the injury, putting a bandage in place then wrapping gauze tightly around Wesley's arm to hold it there and make sure the cut didn't start bleeding again.

He repeating it, but stopped believing it at the first touch of his fingers on Wesley's arm. Apparently putting bandages on was sexy when it was Wesley.

Oh god, was he in trouble.

Practical things, Angel reminded himself. Think about what practical things he could be doing.

It occurred to Angel as he regarded Wesley's sleeping form, that he had to be uncomfortable sleeping in his clothes, especially when some of them were undoubtedly sticky. Wesley would be far more comfortable, he reasoned, if he undressed him.

Right, Angel thought, rolling his eyes at himself. Because there would be nothing sexy or enticing about a naked Wesley in his bed. Just look at how practical he was being.

But still... it did have to be uncomfortable; Wesley's pants especially were going to be even more uncomfortable if he slept for any length of time. And Wesley did undress him, after all. Angel wouldn't be doing anything lecherous, he'd just be returning the favour. At least that would be what he would say if asked.

This was a very bad idea, Angel told himself as he undid the buttons on Wesley's shirt and carefully eased it off him. Thankfully Wesley was deep enough asleep that he didn't stir. Doing his best to ignore the sudden desire to run his fingers across Wesley's chest, Angel bypassed the pants for a moment and went to work removing Wesley's shoes and socks. That, at least, seemed like a safe activity.

At least he thought so until he found himself running his thumb lightly over the sensitive skin on Wesley's instep. Angel had it bad.

And he still had Wesley's pants to remove.

Steeling himself as best as he could, Angel carefully undid the button and zipper and pulled the garment off. He did his best to avoid looking, but the scent of their recent activities was even stronger without the barrier of material in the way and that he couldn't avoid.

It called to him, lured him in, told him to forget about practical things. Who could be expected to be practical when they had this laid out in front of them?

Not Angel, apparently, as, resolve broken, he reached out and ran one finger along Wesley's cock. It twitched at his touch and Angel kept doing it, fascinated as he watched it grow full and long under his attention.

Wondering if this had cause a change in Wesley's sleeping expression, Angel looked up and found himself looking straight into open blue eyes.

Angel froze.

Wesley was awake.


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