by Wolfling

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Part 12


Wesley stared at Angel, wondering if he had heard correctly. But of course he had. It made perfect sense, after all.

Angel was a vampire. Vampires drank blood.

"You're not just talking about about animal blood are you?" Wesley asked, trying to clarify exactly what it was that Angel needed.

Angel hesitated and Wesley could almost see the thoughts passing through his mind. He was thinking of lying -- or at least shading the truth. But the answer when it finally came, Wesley was sure was the truth. "No."

"That's what I figured," Wesley said. "All right. Let's look at this logically." He got up and paced as he thought aloud. "You need blood and animal blood isn't enough. Which leaves human. Maybe I should have left one of those bastards alive after all." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he turned and started back the other way, noticing in an absent way that Angel was following him with his eyes. "Which I didn't so that's an option that we don't have. That leaves us with just one source of human blood. Me."


Wesley turned his head to look back at Angel. "Actually, I'm fairly sure that's an accurate summation of the situation. Unless you have a human stowed in the trunk of your convertible...?"

Angel's eyes blazed. "Not. You."

"Given the circumstances you don't have much choice." Arguing with Angel was cementing Wesley's decision. "I'm assuming you don't need all of my blood, do you?"

"Wes." Angel protested.

"Just answer the question," Wesley overrode him, taking full advantage of the fact that Angel wasn't strong enough to speak at full speed. "You don't need to drain me dry for it to do any good do you?"

Angel fumed, but finally answered grudgingly, "No."

Well that was a relief. "Good." Not thinking too much about what he was about to do, Wesley picked up his dagger and poured rubbing alcohol out of the first aid kit over the blade in an effort to sterilize it as much as he could.

"Wes. No," Angel said again.

"Yes," Wesley countered, coming back over and sitting beside Angel once again. "You need some blood. I happen to have some that I can spare. Besides, you're supposed to be taking me to Unity and that's not going to happen as long as you can't even lift your head. So stop being such a stubborn idiot and let me help you." He held Angel's gaze until the vampire lowered it, defeated.

"Don't. Hurt. You," he said softly, the words a plea instead of a demand.

"I won't let you hurt me," Wesley promised just as softly, resting a hand on Angel's shoulder briefly, before picking up the dagger once more and holding it over his left inner arm. "Here goes nothing," he muttered before he sliced the blade across his skin, hissing a little at the stinging pain. The blood welled up from the cut and Wesley brought his arm to Angel's mouth.

For the initial few seconds Angel's lips remained stubbornly closed and Wesley began to wonder if the vampire was going to refuse even now. Just as Wesley decided that he was, Angel's mouth opened and his tongue darted out to lick at the wound tentatively, and Wesley sighed in relief. This was going to work.

At first Angel seemed content himself with that, licking at the blood that welled to the surface, but not doing anything to encourage the flow. It felt strange to Wesley, but more because of the thought of what he was doing -- willingly feeding a vampire his blood -- than the actual act. Angel's tongue seemed to soothe the burning sting of the cut, but no more than a cool cloth pressed against his arm would have.

Until Angel got more aggressive about his drinking.

Angel's mouth closed more firmly around the wound and Wesley gasped in pain as fangs sank into his arm, mostly in a reflexive effort to keep him in place.

Then Angel began to drink from him in earnest, pulling the blood from his veins with a strong suction and Wesley gasped again for entirely different reasons.

He could feel each powerful swallow as his blood flowed from his arm into Angel's mouth. It beat in time with his pulse, and the height of each beat was accompanied by a small burst of pleasure that initiated at the point where Angel's mouth was, but which surged through Wesley's entire body.

It was unexpected.



Wesley felt himself growing quite warm and could hear himself panting for breath as his cock hardened under the onslaught of sensation. He found himself writhing in place as he pressed his arm more tightly against Angel's mouth, unconsciously seeking more of the stimulation. He couldn't quite believe what was happening, but didn't care enough at the moment to stop it.

He had a brief moment of the return of rational thought, when Angel raised one hand to grasp the back of Wesley's arm and hold it in place better -- a brief moment of relief that it seemed to be working for Angel as he had hoped. But then Angel's other hand closed around Wesley's cock through his trousers and Wesley forgot how to do everything but feel.

From that moment on, Wesley was lost, trembling in a surfiet of pleasure as Angel's hand worked him while his blood continued to flow into Angel's mouth. He cared for nothing but what Angel was doing to him, what Angel was making him feel, and that Angel continue to do it.

As if from a great distance he heard someone moaning and whimpering, pleading for more, but it didn't matter, even when some part of his mind not completely fogged by pleasure realised it was him. Nothing mattered except that Angel keep touching him.

Wesley wasn't sure how long it was, but eventually things began to change. Angel's drinking from him gradually grew less intense, although at the same time, Angel's hand on his cock grew stronger, his touch more firm. The knife's edge of pleasure Wesley had been balanced on was suddenly beginning to tip and the feelings rushing through him became stronger, more intense.He was teetoring on the edge of orgasm, shaking with sensations so powerful they almost scared him, even as his body strained for that one more perfect touch that would send him flying.

Angel squeezed his cock just right and Wesley screamed, pleasure crashing over him in waves that carried the world and everything else away.


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