A Million Miles Away, Christmas Interlude

Presents Under The Tree

by Wolfling and the Brat Queen

(Rated PG-13)


Wesley stopped short when he entered the living room, not bothering to hide his smile at what he found.

Walking over to where Angel was lying under their lit Christmas tree staring up through the branches, Wesley asked, "Checking that we have enough clearance for all the gifts we've bought Connor?"

"Very funny." Angel leaned to the side so as to be able to look at Wesley without any foilage in the way. "I'm just trying to get an idea of what all of this looks like to Connor. It's pretty neat." He patted the spot next to him. "Care to take a look?"

Like Wesley had ever been able to resist Angel when he got that look. Sighing, Wesley lowered himself to the floor and wriggled into position under the tree next to Angel.

"See?" Angel said as Wesley looked up at the branches above him, with their twinkling lights and dangling ornaments. "It's all... sparkly."

"Very pretty," Wesley agreed, even if he found it a bit claustrophobic with all of that hanging above him. He glanced to the side at Angel to find him looking back at him with a breathtaking smile. "Very pretty," Wesley repeated softly, feeling absolutely besotted.

Angel's smile got wider. "Funny," he said, holding Wesley's gaze with his own. "I was just thinking that same thing. Breathtaking even."

Even after months of them being in an intimate relationship, Wesley still felt himself blushing whenever Angel said things like that. He rather suspected he always would. If he stopped, that would mean he'd started taking for granted the things Angel said to him, and that was something he didn't think he could ever do.

Still it happened often enough now that despite his continued blushing, it no longer flustered Wesley like it once had. So even though he could feel his face heat, Wesley managed a pleased little smile and to murmur, "Fancy that."

He was rewarded by an even wider smile from Angel and, even better, Angel pulling him closer and initiating a long leisurely kiss.

"You know what?" Angel asked, when they finally paused long enough to speak.

"What?" Wesley asked obligingly, shifting to press himself closer to his lover.

"I'm over 200 years old and in all that time I've never made love under a Christmas tree."

Wesley tried to turn his smile into a polite expression of interest. "Really."

Angel nodded earnestly. "Really. Lots of rampaging across Europe, no Christmas tree love making."

"That's a pity," Wesley commiserated.

"Yeah, I've lived a deprived existence," Angel said with a martyred expression.

"We should see what we can do to rectify that." Wesley rolled over until he was on top of Angel and began undoing the buttons on Angel's shirt as he spoke.

Angel grinned. "I was hoping you'd say something like that." His hands slid under the back of Wesley's shirt as he leaned up to kiss him again.

They continued on that way for quite some time, clothes slowly getting discarded as they leisurely explored each other.

Later, when Wesley lay on top of Angel, the sweat drying on his skin and the pleasure still thrumming along his nerves, Angel lazily dropped a kiss on Wesley's bare shoulder. "Thanks."

Completely sated and unwilling to move, Wesley just waved a hand in a vague gesture. "I'm always happy to help out with these little problems."

"I know, but that wasn't what I meant. At least not just that." Wesley lifted his head enough to meet his lover's gaze as Angel continued. "I meant thanks for...well, everything. Everything you do for me, for Connor... Before you came in I was thinking about that and about how things would be different -- wrong -- without you. This wouldn't be the home that it is without you, Connor and me wouldn't be the same kind of family. You're a big part of everything that's good in my son's and my lives and I don't know if I tell you that enough. So thanks."

Angel's words seemed to sink right into Wesley's heart and soul, warming him in a way that only Angel and Connor could. His family, he realised, far more than the one he was born into. Having that acknowledged meant more than he would have ever thought it would.

There was so much he could say right then, but looking into Angel's eyes, Wesley realised he didn't need to; that at that moment Angel already knew all the important things.

So instead Wesley merely replied in a voice that was a bit more husky with emotion than normal, "You're welcome."




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