A Million Miles Away, Future Interlude

Monsters In The Dark

by Wolfling, for the Brat Queen

(Rated PG)


He wasn't scared, Connor told himself sternly. He was a big boy -- 3 whole years now -- and big boys didn't get scared in the night.

But there had been noises. And shadows on the window. And every time he closed his eyes he started wondering what if the shadows got into his room? What if they crept across the floor and onto his bed and swallowed him whole? There could be anything in those shadows: ghosts or skeletons or other icky things that he'd seen pictures of in one of Wesley's books that one time he snuck a peek. And they'd take him and keep him and he'd never see again his room or Teddy or Wesley or Daddy...

There was another loud scraping sound as the wind brushed branches against the window and Connor jumped. Swallowing hard, his heart pounding, he pushed the blankets down and climbed out of bed. It wouldn't hurt to check on Daddy and Wesley; make sure the shadows hadn't gotten them.

Clutching Teddy tightly in one hand, Connor padded across the darkened hallway to his fathers' room. Reaching up, he turned the doorknob and pushed the door open just enough to slip inside.

There were shadows in here too, but somehow they didn't seem so scary. Connor walked across the room to Daddy's side of the bed, his bare feet making no noise on the carpet.

But no matter how quiet he was, Daddy knew he was there. Daddy always knew when he was there.

"Connor?" Daddy asked, blinking sleepily, but sounding wide awake. "What's wrong?"

Connor stared at him, not sure how to explain. His thumb crept into his mouth as it often did when he was upset.

Daddy leaned up on one elbow, reaching a hand out to touch Connor's forehead. "Are you sick?"

Connor shook his head, but still couldn't bring himself to speak.

Over Daddy's shoulder Connor saw Wesley lean up to look at him. "Did you have a bad dream, Connor?" he asked in a voice that was serious and concerned.

Again Connor shook his head. That was close to what was wrong, but not quite. "Shadows," he told them solemnly, taking his thumb out of his mouth long enough to speak.

"So there's some scary shadows in your room, is that it?" Daddy asked, reaching out and lifting Connor up and settling him in the space between Daddy and Wesley.

Connor nodded, relieved that they understood. "They come from the window," he explained solemnly, snuggling closer.

"Ah, I see," Wesley said in his serious work voice. "We'll have to take care of that. Tomorrow. But for tonight, would you like to sleep with us?"

"Yes, pwease," Connor replied politely, already squirming down further under the blankets, closing his eyes and yawning.

He felt Daddy kiss his forehead and listened to Daddy and Wesley talking above him.

"We'll go buy him a night light tomorrow," Wesley said. "That will help banish any shadow monsters."

"And no more scary stories before bed," Daddy added. "Giant purple dinosaurs -- no wonder he's having trouble getting to sleep."

"Just because they scared you..." Wesley sounded amused.

Connor yawned again, sleep creeping up on him. He was warm and in the safest place in the world; no shadow was going to be able to reach him here. With the soft rumble of familiar voices murmuring above him, Connor drifted off to sleep between his two daddies.




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