Gone Fishing

by Wolfling

(Rated PG-13)


Giles squinted blurrily out into the dark. "Think this is far enough out," he said, and shut down the boat's engines.

He made his way carefully out onto the deck, grabbing onto the railing to steady himself as the boat seemed to be rolling a bit in spite of the calmness of the loch.

Spike was at the bow, swaying slightly as he peered over the edge into the water below. "Don't see nothing," he said, when Giles joined him.

"Of course not. You weren't expecting to stop the boat, clap our hands and it would appear?" He reached for the bottle of scotch Spike was holding and took a deep swig out of it, relishing the burn of it going down his throat, just as he had the many other drinks he'd had that night. "It's a bloody sea serpent. Not Tinkerbell."

"Should hope not," Spike muttered. "Didn't have to come all this way just to see a fairy after all." He took the bottle back from Giles and tipped his head back to drink; Giles found himself getting mesmerised watching the muscles in Spike's throat work as he swallowed. "Right then," the vampire said when he lowered the bottle. "You're the one with all that Watcher knowledge. How do we hunt a sea serpent?"

"We use bait." Giles grinned at Spike. "You've heard the story of Jonah and the whale? Nessie's the whale. Guess who's Jonah?"




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