The Beginning - Giles

by Wolfling

(Rated G)


Giles felt the tension leave his shoulders as he moved from the crowded bright hallway into the dim solitude of his library.

One thing had always remained constant in his life, from his childhood through his Ripper days right up to the present and that was that books had always been a refuge for him.

A refuge it looked like he was desperately going to need it in the coming days.

A high school librarian. God, what had he been thinking when he agreed to this cover?

Bad enough that he was in America -- and not just anywhere but California -- could he have ended up in a place any more different from home? But he had to put himself in a position where he would be surrounded all day not just by Americans but American teengagers.

There was nothing that would make you feel old and stodgy faster than walking through a hallway full of American teenagers.

They were all so...loud. And boisterous. And...and....


In a way he never had been, even as a child. They didn't know that the monsters in their fairy tales and movies were real, or that far too often it was the monsters who won. They didn't know that happily ever afters were few and far between.

If Giles did his job, they never would. And if, in the process, he could keep the Slayer from becoming just as jaded and disillusioned as he was, all the rest would be worth it.




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