A Million Miles Away, Future Interlude

Reflections on the Occasion of Connor's Third Birthday...

by Wolfling

(Rated PG)


Angel was already in bed by the time that Wesley finished in the bathroom. "Connor finally asleep?" he asked as slid in beside Angel.

"Yeah. Sugar high must've finally wore off." Angel absently reached for Wesley, pulling him over until Wesley's head was pillowed on his shoulder. "I think we may have overdid it with the cake and ice cream."

Wesley shrugged. "He's only going to turn three once, that's the sort of occasion that calls for a little overindulgence." Absently he ran a hand over Angel's chest. "Besides, at least half of what Connor was eating ended up on him instead of in him."

"Good thing too; if he'd actually eaten any more sugar he would have been bouncing off the walls."

"Instead of just bouncing off of his daddy?" Wesley asked, smiling as he remembered the combination mock wrestling match and tickle fight that Angel and Connor had engaged in that had covered most of the living room floor at one time or the other. Connor had been giggling the entire time when he wasn't shrieking with excitement and Wesley was fairly certain that Angel actually invented some new funny voices amidst chuckles of his own during the whole exchange.

Angel was obviously remembering the same thing. "I was just trying to tire him out," he explained. "So he'd take his nap."

"Considering that the only one who ended up asleep on the couch for several hours after that was you, I don't think your plan was particularly successful."

Angel shrugged, his shoulder moving under Wesley's head. "Not even the undead can keep up with a three year old on a sugar rush."

Wesley shifted a bit closer, his hand now slipping down to idly caress Angel's stomach. "I'm not sure if sugar is the main culprit in Connor's... overabundance of excitement," he mused, putting into words the thoughts that had been flickering through his mind for most of the day. "I think it might be less sugar induced and more birthday induced."

"He did get really into it this year, didn't he?" Angel said enthusiastically. "Did you see his face light up when he saw the tricycle?"

"I did," Wesley replied, smiling, thinking it was rather like how Angel's face lit up whenever they talked about Connor. "He seemed to love all his presents -- he actually played with them instead of the boxes this year."

Angel waved that away. "The box thing just proves he's creative."

"I know," Wesley said, patting Angel's chest right over his heart reassuringly. "Connor is very creative."

"And smart. He did seem to figure out that this was his special day after all."

"I rather suspect that when you're three every day is your special day, but," Wesley smiled, "he did seem to understand that this day was particularly special."

"That's what I want for him," Angel said earnestly. "For him to grow up knowing that his birthday is special because he's special, that that's the day we celebrate having him in our lives."

That was what every child should have, Wesley thought with a mixture of wistfulness for the lack of it in his own childhood and determination for Connor. "He'll know," he said fiercely. "We'll make sure of that."

Angel touched Wesley's cheek gently, getting him to meet his gaze. "The same holds true for you on your birthday, y'know."

Angel often claimed to not be good with words, but every now and then he would say the exact right thing, things that Wesley didn't even know he needed to hear until Angel was telling him them. Like now. It always made him love the vampire just a little bit more, and he leaned in and kissed Angel, the touch filled with that emotion.

"I'm learning that," he replied softly.

"Good," Angel said, then kissed him again.




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