Houston Knights

Dance Steps Series (co-written with James Walkswithwind | website) [direct link]

(Preslash, rated G, based on the pilot.)
LaFiamma helps Lundy deal with his emotional fallout from RoseEllen's death.

(Preslash, rated G, based on "North of the Border.")
Lundy and LaFiamma clash when their current case brings up some old issues for Joe.

(Preslash, rated G, based on "Houston's Hero.")
Harsh words exchanged on a case leave the partners even more at odds than ever until Lundy comes up with a way to let LaFiamma know he's not as alone as he thinks.

(Rated G, based on "Single in Heaven." This one is in that quasi no-man's land between pre-slash and slash.)
LaFiamma and Lundy each face a choice. They choose differently, but end up in the same place -- together.

(Slash. Rated NC-17, based on "Yesterday's Gone.")
As Lundy and LaFiamma both deal with losses from their past, they find comfort in the present, with each other.

(Slash. Rated NC-17, based on "Bad Girl.")
LaFiamma has trouble learning to balance the separate relationships in his life.

(Slash. Do I really need to point that out anymore? Rated NC-17, based on "Scarecrow.")
When the case stalls Lundy and LaFiamma manage to spend some time together, while Lundy wrestles with his insecurities.

(Rated NC-17, based on "Colt.")
Lundy and LaFiamma are reaching for each other, reaching for understanding, reaching for what they can and cannot have.


Horses of Different Colours Series (co-written with James Walkswithwind | website) [direct link]

In the Beginning
(Rated PG)
The prequel, showing how these two got together in the first place.

Horses of Different Colors
(Rated NC-17)
Lundy has a secret which he fears could destroy his relationship with LaFiamma. What happens when he's forced to reveal it?

(Rated NC-17)
No plot and almost no angst. Swear.

Horse Sense
(Rated PG-13)
Joe learns some of the finer points about the care of centaurs.

Centaur Stage
(Rated PG-13)
Lundy takes LaFiamma home to meet the relatives.

Stable Relationship
(Rated G)
Coming back from visiting Levon's family, living accomodations are discussed.

In the Running
(Rated PG)
Short, mostly plotless, happy vignette.

Left of Centaur
(Rated NC-17)
Shensen's mother is missing, possibly murdered. Levon and Joe must find her, while they juggle caring for Shensen and dealing with their reactions to what has happened.

Centaur of the Universe
(Rated G)
Joe and Levon take a trip down memory lane.

Centaur Target
(Rated PG-13)
An evening ride brings Joe and Levon an unwelcome surprise.

Due North
(Rated NC-17)
Joe finally gets to go home to Chicago and Levon accompanies him.

Chicago Is Burning
(Rated NC-17)
Levon searches for the people responsible.

Texas Carol
(Rated PG)
A new take on an old Christmas classic.

Joey de Vivre
(Rated NC-17)
Joe and Levon get married. After much ado.

Single White Fillies: Part One | Part Two
(Rated NC-17)
Crossover with The Sentinel.

Centaur of the Storm
(Rated G)
Joe and Levon get caught in a thunderstorm, but they're not alone.

Life Decisions
(Rated G)
Joe comes to terms with one of the facts of life for a centaur.

A Simple Life
(Rated PG-13)
Joe and Levon hit some rocky ground.

Centaur Lines
(Rated NC-17)
Joe's cousin Tony and his wife are leaving their kids with Joe and Levon while they take a vacation. Tragedy follows. Hanky warning is in effect on this one.

In the Centaur Ring
(Rated PG)
A brief interlude following Centaur Lines. Joe and Levon go back to work, and have a normal day. For them.

Foaling in Love
(Rated PG)
It's spring! You know what that means -- babies!!

(Rated NC-17)
This picks up where Foaling in Love leaves off. Warning: violence.

After Alexander
(Rated NC-17)
This picks up where Alexander leaves off.

Withers Thou Goest
(Rated NC-17)
Jim and Blair finally get a wedding.

A Thousand Summers Have Ended
(Rated PG-13)
The conclusion.


When You're Home Series (co-written with James Walkswithwind | website) [direct link]

Phonecalls At Night
(Rated G, written by James.)
Levon is waiting for his lover's call, and isn't sure that he wants to get it.

(Rated G, written by Wolfling.)
Joe's point of view during the same phonecall.

(Rated G, co-written with James.)
Joe and Levon deal with the reasons Joe came home.

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